5 Responses to “Pictures & Video”

  1. Jojo said

    What a wonderful ministry! we are as blessed, if not more so than the ones we serve! Thanks for putting this together, guys!! Well done!

  2. serenity said

    Great video guys! God continues to move and change hearts through His Body and through the Least of These.
    Greater things have yet to be done in this city….

    To the Kingdom!

    • underthebridgepdx said

      Thanks for standing with us P for all that God is doing and desires to do! Love you – me P.S. So inspired by your lastest post to the Jubilee Food Pantry blog. You gently proclaim the love of Jesus in all you say and do. XXXOOO me

  3. Tami Van Tassel said

    Hi Shelly…Blessings my friend. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at class and to serving with you Sunday under the bridge. I entered my email address above. Will that put me on your listing to receive info – or do we just check in at the website each month? Thanks ! Tami

  4. Michelle Kratzer said

    Hey guys! Could you keep me posted on any upcoming events or anything ya’ll might need from me? See you at chuch!

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