Loaves and Fishes

August 1, 2011

We had a wonderful time downtown this Sunday. The sun was shining, and many people came out for a meal. So many in fact that we were sure we were going to run out of food! After seeing the line of people, one person said to me, “I’m praying for loaves and fishes.” Well we didn’t have 5000 people to feed as Jesus did in Matthew 14:13-21 when He multiplied five loaves and two fishes for the whole crowd, but the result was the same: “They all ate and were satisfied” (Matt. 14:20)! However it worked out, it worked out and we had enough food to serve everyone who came out. Thank you to all who joined us, prayed or helped in any way this month.

A note to all who help out with Church Under the Bridge or who are looking for a small way to become involved: we are in need of baked goods each month. Every month we need about 25 DOZEN baked goods items for Church Under the Bridge. So keep your eyes open for a link to a “Cookies for CUB” online sign-up sheet. Once you sign up, your baked goods can be dropped off at the info. desk at New Life Foursquare Church on the weekend of Church Under the Bridge, or you can bring them downtown with you.

Here is the link for the “Cookies For CUB” sign-ups:



2 Responses to “Loaves and Fishes”

  1. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and I was thinking about the Lords faithfulness and everything that happened yesterday downtown. The Lord reminded me of my prayer that I prayed as I drove downtown and 3 instances of how he answered my prayers in specific peoples lives.
    The first answered prayer was that people stomachs would be filled even if it were just for that small period of the day. As I approached a group of women sitting on the lawn this lady told me how thankful she was for this food because of how hungry she was that day. This may have been the only meal she would eat this day.
    The second answered prayer was that the smell of the BBQ would bring people to us that would not normally come. As I was picking up garbage a young man asked me when we came downtown and did the BBQ. I told him the last Sunday of every month and he went on to tell me that he had walked there all the way from the bridge he lived under by OMSI and it smelled so good! He also was very hungry because all his food money had run out for the month and would not get anymore until Tuesday.
    The third answered prayer was that the Lords Spirit would just breathe over that place and our time. I think every person that volunteers and goes to CUB knows the Holy Spirit is there and senses his presence but as I lay in bed this morning He reminded me of my prayer and the amazing wind that blew during that hot day yesterday. It put a smile on my face to know of Gods faithfulness to us and ALL of his children who came downtown yesterday! I am so thankful to my God, how amazing He is and the amount of love He shows us all every single day!

  2. Shelly said

    My heart is filled with thanksgiving for all that the Lord gave to us, His people, as we gathered yesterday in His most high name. Two words continue to rush over my mind and spirit this morning … “praise” and “satisfied.” I have asked repeatedly that the Lord would show me what He saw yesterday as we gathered under the bridge and have asked Him to show me what He wants us to see with Him.

    As I read Kristen and Stefanie’s words this morning my heart was filled with gratitude as their words confirmed to me that the Lord was busy satisyfing His flock with His goodness yesterday. Filling their bodies, but also I believe filling spaces in their hearts and spirits that have been feeling empty and void. The result for such filling is praise. That is what I heard coming from a genuine place of gratitude that was expressed by so many yesterday.

    As I spoke with Ray, a man who has been with us at nearly every one of our CUB gatherines for the past three years, I was moved by his open and genuine confession of why he purposes to join us each month. When I asked him if he had gotten anything to eat yet, he told me he was fasting in preparation for a colonoscopy this morning and that he couldn’t eat anything. When I came back from getting him some lemonade, I felt impressed to ask him why, if he wasn’t going to be able to eat anything, would he come on a day when his body was already in a weakened state from fasting. Why, instead, would he not be in his apartment resting. Ray’s answer assured me once again of why we go downtown. He said, “I knew you would be here and I came to see you all.” His simple, matter-of-fact response, assured me that we are doing more than just physically feeding our brothers in sisters, we are feeding their spirits and there is a spiritual transference of strength as well. Ray told me how grateful he was to be able to spend time with us and thanked me that we continue to come. He shared how grateful he was for the blanket Mike & Cindi had purchased for him and wanted them to know how thankful he was for them. Clarence & I prayed with Ray, that God would protect him, strengthen him, and touch His body, mind, and spirit with the power of His healing touch and as we finished our prayer, I felt the rush of wind Stefanie spoke of blow against my face and I had such a feeling of satisfaction and gratitude myself, thanking God that He was surely with us.

    What a privilege to be able to deflect the gratitude we hear from those we share time with under the Steel Bridge from us to our Lord. In doing so, I believe the circle of satisfaction becomes complete. The Lord is present to satisfy His people, His people are filled with gratitude to the point that they can do nothing but confess their thankfulness, and their confession is a form of praise, which satisfies Jesus.

    I am basking in the words from Psalm 104 this morning .. “Praise the Lord! Oh, gives thanks to the Lord,for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

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